About Us

Health-Square is a leading Artificial Intelligence-based home care provider who have demonstrated the excellence in cutting-edge research in the utilization of Digital Healthcare solutions. Our focus is 4P medicine (Prediction, Prevention, Participation and Personalization). We work closely with teaching hospitals, research institutions and practice translational medicine to our best knowledge. We formed a multidisciplinary team consisting of both clinical and IT experts such as Biomedical Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Data Visualization. Consultants from Oncology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Neurology, Practicing Physicians, Nurses and medical technologists. We are mainly focusing on Transforming Homecare through HIT (Health Information Technology).

What We Do

Our Objective: We aim to provide digital Healthcare solutions for long term care management and patient engagement, during and after treatment of chronic diseases.

We as an organization, Health-Square focuses on empowering patients through digital transformation. We help patients to develop self-awareness, self-care and promote the understanding that patients can be equal partners in their healthcare decisions. In a way, patient empowerment is at the heart of health services so that they are able to derive the maximum benefits from healthcare providers. We mainly want to promote participatory health care.

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Health IOT

TeleMedicine & mHealth

Big Data Analysis

Data Visualization


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Cloud CareMobile Application

A healthcare app which provides digital solutions for long term care and health enhancement, during and after treatment for cancer patients.



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Wearable Device / Mobile App


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Tailored Health Recommendations


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